I, Kir Lykkeberg (born 1988) am an analogue photographer currently residing in Copenhagen. 

I choose to shoot on film out of a love for the medium, the slow pace it keeps me in and the odd chances for unknown magic it brings. 

My main photographic love is portraiture. I am fascinated by the interaction between me as a photographer and the one I portray, and how the image created in the space between us.

I value people who dare to be themselves regardless if this means being different and equally enjoy both planned sessions and chance meetings. 

I have a fondness for moments that seems to both linger on forever and yet only exist for a fraction in time and space. I enjoy wandering the landscapes of dreams and oddities, only to find that sometimes reality is the most wondrous and spellbinding of all.


(+45) 4181 5171

BROAD. On Film Magazine. Shoot Film Co. Print Magazine. Cowbell Music. Wonderfestiwall. NotAnother Agency. SLOW Fashion. Zoe Hillmer. Foreningen FISKEN.

Bachelor in Photography and Communication at the Danish School of Media and Journalism

2012 Semester at École Parsons à Paris/Paris Collage of Art

2010-2013 Bachelor in Multimedia Design & Concept Development at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology